Healdsburg's hip h2hotel

If Scott Keneally has his way, Healdsburg’s hip new h2hotel will not only be the hot spot for cocktails but the town’s literary salon.

Keneally, who does social media for the new “green” hotel with a living roof and a water theme, is a writer himself and is finishing up a 70-page book proposal — theme TBA. On Thursday, Oct. 21, Keneally is bringing in two of his favorite scribes: Neal Pollack and Mark Morford, “in conversation” about two of their favorite topics, yoga and their latest books.

The Yoga Dudes will engage in witty banter in the hotel’s Green Room, also its yoga room, starting at 8 p.m.  Spoonbar’s superstate bartender Scott Beattie will serve up lubrications, included with the $12 admission price.

Morford is the wickedly seditious columnist for The San Francisco Chronicle and contributor to The Huffington Post. He’s been a yoga teacher for ten years so he can authoritatively lampoon the increasingly precious yoga culture that also has him hooked. His latest book is “The Daring Spectacle: Adventures in Deviant Journalism.”

Pollack is the author of the best-selling memoir “Alternadad.  His newest comedic memoir is “STRETCH: The Unlikely Making of the Yoga Dude.”

“They stood on their heads — both of them — when I saw them in San Francisco. We’re hoping for the same level of enthusiasm,” Keneally confides.

He says he would love the h2hotel  to become a literary hot spot in Healdsburg, so stay tuned for future author events. Visit h2hotel.com/blog to book a seat for the Pollack/Morford appearance, being dubbed “Hair of the Downward Dog,” in reference to one of yoga’s curiously named positions.