As any serious  traveler will tell you, street food is the often the tastiest. If you find yourself in Napa Valley on the first Friday of the month, skip the sit down reservations. There’s gourmet grub galore parked at the corner of First and McKinstry streets.

Oxbow Public Market is offering roadside dining from 5 p.m. to midnight on Food Truck Fridays. Choose among Go French Food, Dim Sum Charlies, Karma Karma Thai Food, Street-eatz, Chicago Style Hot Dogs, Phat Salads, Cochon Volant, Rotisserie Chicken, Chicago Style Hot Dogs and Mark’s the Spot.

You can apply the money you might have spent on pricier dining with a tip toward a ticket to the Napa Valley Opera House or the Uptown. On Friday, Feb. 4, catch master fiddler Alasdair Fraser  at The Opera House or comic Adam Carolla at the Uptown.