As any couple who ever had a baby knows, intimacy usually becomes a fuzzy, sleep-deprived memory. With that in mind, a lot of hotels have started marketing Babymoon packages for one last fling.

Cazedero massage therapist Cindy Scott-Fuchs is adding a new dimension to what might otherwise be a clever marketing gimmick. More than just “ice cream, pickles and a onesie,” her Mellow Mommy Babymoon Getaways on the north Sonoma Coast features a massage, a mini facial and herbal footwraps, breakfast in bed or in your room and a three-hour workshop teaching the art of relaxation. Couples are taught techniques for healthy touch massage.

The next Babymoon weekend is June 3-5 at the ocean-front Timber Cove Inn north of Jenner.

“For couples embarking on parenthood, you lose your connection,” says Scott-Fuchs, a mother of two and a massage therapist for 17 years. “Life takes you on a whole different role.  It’s really vital to teach these things before the baby comes.”

You don’t have to know massage to practice healing tough, she maintains. “My husband and I have been married 14 years. And days can go by when you walk by them and don’t think to pat them on the back or anything.”

The group sessions are not New Agey or woo-woo, she assures, but infused with jokes and fun.

The best time during a pregnancy is the second trimester,when moms-in-waiting are feeling their best and safely distant from their due date.

Aside from the workshop, couples are left on their own to spoon.

Cost is $650 per couple and includes two nights with a fireplace and balcony, fresh rosemary and garlic bread and lemon tarts from Raymond’s Bakery in Cazadero and a gift package with a herbal eye pillow, an infant massage DVD and more.

Scott-Fuchs also does custom-arranged private Babymoon packages for $800. She’ll have another group ‘Moon in the early autumn.

For information call (707) 632-5934 or visit

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