It’s deliciously indulgent when you think about it. You stop off at Spring Lake for an invigorating walk after work. But instead of sprinting home to cook after your workout, or wolfing down a sandwich from your tailgate, you can have a real dinner right there in the park.

On June 7, the “Eat Fleet,” a caravan of food trucks stocked with filling street food, will assemble in the Oak Knolls Parking lot off Newanga Avenue to feed hikers who have worked up an appetite. It’s the first in what county parks officials hope will be a monthly event at different parks throughout the county, like Ragle Ranch in Sebastopol and Doran Beach.

“Park and Eat: Saving Parks One Bite at  Time,” is the brainchild of Sonoma County Regional Parks Director Caryl Hart, who has enlisted the food truck owners to pledge back 10 percent of their proceeds to the county parks foundation.

“Part of the benefit is just getting people out into the park and generating some parking fees,”  says Mary Clemens, who coordinates special programs for the county parks.

Visitors can chow down on Indian food, hot dogs, tacos and other inexpensive street treats. The trucks will be serving from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. so you can eat either before or after your walk.

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