Movies are all about make-believe for the masses. So it’s no surprise that director Francis Ford Coppola’s new Winery Park in Geyserville, with two pools connected by a water bridge beneath arches of spray, can give you the feeling of lounging by a pool at a fancy resort in France or some glamorous hotel in Hollywood during the Golden Age.  Could that be Betty Grable or Cary Grant on the neighboring lounge chair?

On weekends there may be live music serenading from a band pavilion while you splash and sunbathe. It’s so lovely it’s almost unreal.

Coppola has kindly made this not just an indulgence for well-heeled Wine Country visitors but as an affordable day out for the whole family. You don’t have to book a room in a swanky resort to have access to a gorgeous pool with views of Geyser Peak. Swim passes for the day are only $15 for adults, $10 for kids 3 to 14 and free for tots under 3. Seniors 65 and up get a discount admission of $10.

But it gets better. For $75 you can rent a charming “cabine,” your own miniature poolside cottage for the day, complete with shower and towels and offering  a safe place to store you stuff conveniently close so you can swim without fear that something will be swiped.  A cabine comes with two adult pool passes and two kid passes, so the real cost is a value at only $25 more for a family of four.

The number of swim tickets are controlled to keep the experience relaxed and the pools relatively serene, even on a Sunday. Alas, all weekends are sold out through Saturday, Sept. 17. But we’re told that Coppola is booking cabines for sure through September and tentatively into October.

But weekdays are wide open. And if you live in Sonoma County, Mondays are your lucky day, with a 30 percent discount extended to local residents. A photo ID with address is required to confirm your SoCo creds.

The winery is dreamily evocative of Europe. You could be in Italy, or maybe France. You decide where you’d rather be. Or you could just be happy you’re sitting in such a fabulous spot so close to home with such beautiful views for so little money.

There is also a tiny outdoor cafe by the pool open on weekends and a museum of Coppola’s movie memorabilia, including a shiny, showroom worthy Tucker automobile.

Gates open at 11 a.m.  And for the price of admission you can literally hang out all day until 6  p.m. For more information Check the website for an update on sold-out days and more information about other attractions at, as they would say in moviespeak,  “the location.”

Guest Services at (707) 857-1471. Located at 300 Via Archimedes in Geyserville, visible on the west side of Highway 101.