We all like a wicked indulgence every now and then, even in the midst of a terrible economy none dare call “Depression.” Recent market research confirms that weary penny-pinchers are warding off their own “Black Dogs” as Winston Churchill called “the blues,” with everything from cocktail mixes to cheesecake, at the same time they’re paring back on essentials.  But after you’ve splurged, beware. You might get double-billed, paying for your treat not only with limited cash but an outstanding tab of guilt.

The Willow Stream Spa at the Sonoma Mission Inn has a potential antidote for post-indulgence remorse. It has declared the months of October and November  “The Gratitude Season.” During the run-up to Thanksgiving spa-users can pay it forward in several different ways.

One is an envelope issued at the end of treatment to pass on to a friend that includes a 30-minute upgrade, a spa lunch or $25 off any 90-minute treatment. Spa-goers can also join a “Gratitude Circle,” by registering their book group, golf team or any other circle of friends, along with a favorite charity. Then every time a member of the group uses the spa, 10 percent of their total bill, including treatments, retail purchases and meals, will go to the designated group charity.

And if you prefer to share your experiences, there is a Garden Spa’rties program. Groups of at least three friends who each book a 60-minute treatment, will be treated to a spa lunch and a complimentary gift.

To register call 877-289-7354.

The historic Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn is one of the original glamor spas of the Wine Country. But humans have therapeutically been drawn to the site since the Naive Americans had sweathouses there. In the 1840s it became the site of a commercial hot springs and in the 1890s the first hotel was built there. The current Sonoma Mission Inn was built in 1927 as an authentic replica of one of California’s old missions.

It is located at 100 Boyes Blvd. in Boyes Hot Springs, just outside the city of Sonoma. Fairmont.com/sonoma.