Canadian Guy Laliberte reportedly forked over $35 million for a space trip with the Russian Soyuz. But for a less expensive trip across the universe go no further than Santa Rosa’s Pepperwood Preserve.

On Nov. 19, longtime astronomer Bing Quock and fellow stargazer Ron Dammann, are leading a guided Grand Tour through the night skies, with stops at The Milky Way, The Great Hercules Cluster, the Great Square of Pegasus and The Andromeda Galaxy.

It’s an easy way to be a space tourist without leaving the county. And from the 3,200 acre Pepperwood, you’ll be above the distracting city lights and closer to the heavens. Cost for the 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. class is a mere $10.

To register online and get directions to the preserve visit