Open Table users have rated two North Coast restaurants in their Top 10 list of best spots for scenic dining.
The Village Inn and Restaurant in modest little Monte Rio ranked second, was in second place, behind only The Terrace Room at The Lake Merritt Hotel in Oakland and beating out better known spots in Sausalito, Tiburon and Fisherman’s Wharf.
Coming in third was The Black Point Grill at the Sea Ranch Lodge, with its pastoral views of seascape meadows with the roiling ocean waves beyond.
Both eateries are conveniently located within inns, offering the chance for an unhurried meal with a comfy bed awaiting.
You can gaze out at the Russian River and mountains from every spot in the historic Village Inn and rooms start at only $145 a night, dropping to $115 in November (
The Black Point Grill offers walls of windows that can almost make you fell like you’re smooth sailing on the ocean. Rooms in the inn start at $239.

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