In case you’re too terrified or awestruck to register what you’re seeing as you fly through the trees, Sonoma Canopy Tours is offering handy Helmet Cams to help you record the moment.

Ziplining through the redwoods as if you were a fortunate bird is a singular way to get out of your subdivision and enter a completely different world for an afternoon, no rocket ships or submarines necessary.

And think of the Facebook likes you’ll rack up with your own footage of the redwood canopy whizzing past, you narrating, screaming of hyperventilating in the background.

Cost for 40 minutes of recorded footage is $30; $45 for two hours and 40 minutes of thrills. That is in addition to the zipline tour itself, which cost $89 for adults and $49 for kids. Midweek saves you $10 on an adult ticket. 6250 Bohemian Highway, Occidental. 888-494-7868 or info@sonomacanopy tours.

Sonoma Canopy Tours now feature helmet cams

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